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Registration Instructions 


  • Machine Warranty vs. Part Warranty:
    • Machine Warranty is for normal filing of a claim on a machine that has warranty coverage remaining.
    • Part Warranty is for a part that was purchased and failed with in 90 days of installation after the warranty coverage of the machine had expired. Parts that are received from Nilfisk-Advance defective are also filed as a part warranty.
    • No travel or labor coverage will be provided for a part warranty.
  • Claim number
    • This claim number is mainly for your purposes and it is REQUIRED
      • It can only be numbers and uppercase letters.
      • NO dashes, spaces, slashes or other special characters will be allowed.
      • This number is often a work order number or other number from you paper work or system so you can identify what claim is for on your end.
  • Serial number
    • Once a valid serial number has been entered and validated by the system click “Find Machine”, if there is more than one machine with the serial number you will be prompted to select which model number you have. If there is only one machine it will be populated automatically.
    • The serial number has to be entered and must be valid in our system or you will not be able to submit a claim on that particular serial number.
      • If you have verified the serial number on the machine’s model/serial plate and it is still not coming up as a valid serial number in our system then you will need to provide a copy of the invoice of sale from Nilfisk-Advance of said machine with the serial number listed on it to us for review. Information can be faxed to us at 800.263.5111, or e-mailed to:
    • A serial number by itself may not be a unique identifier for a machine. A model and a serial number are both required to validate a particular machine.
  • Machine hours
    • For any machine that has a hour meter, the hours on the hour meter need to be entered.
    • If a machine does not have an hour meter than “0” should be entered.
  • Date of repair
    • The date of repair is the first day that a repair is initiated on a machine.
    • It is this date that determines if a machine is still within the warranty period.
  • Repair end date
    • This is the day on which a repair was completed.
      • This date only need be populated for repairs that take more than a couple of days.
    • This date is the start of the 30 days to submit a claim
  • Labor hours
    • This should be the total number of hours being filed on the claim for hours of troubleshooting and replacing warrantable parts.
    • For information on flat rate times see the dealer reference guide and/or contact a warranty representative.
  • Travel hours
    • Travel hours is the total time it takes to go round trip to a customers site. Maximum of 3 hours. (For further details on what travel time is defined as see the dealer reference guide.)
      • Travel time does not include time to find a machine at a customer’s location, time waiting for someone to show you to the machine, or the like.
    • For policies regarding travel hours for national accounts please see the dealer reference guide or contact a warranty representative.
  • Description of defect
    • The description of defect should contain a concise account of what the problem was (validated customer complaint), Steps to diagnose what was wrong with the problem part and what was done to remedy the situation.
    • Any other information you feel we may need to process the claim should be added to this field.
    • Any SR ticket number from the tech service team or an activity number that may have been provided should also be added to this field.
  • Parts
    • To add parts to a claim click on “Create Claim” and the claim will be saved as it has been entered thus far and an additional area to add parts will be shown.
    • Part number should be entered in the part number field
      • 56000171 should be used for a valid misc part
      • The cost of this part along with part description should be entered in the “Item Comment” field.
    • Quantity – is simply the number of parts being claimed
    • The price will be shown once the item has been added to the claim.
      • Please verify this is the correct price.
        • If the price is incorrect for some reason please notify Nilfisk-Advance warranty department before submitting the claim
  • Save and Continue
    • This button will save the claim thus far and allow you to return to make changes at a later time.
  • Submit Your Claim
    • This button will submit your claim into our system
      • Once you have done this you will no longer be able to make changes to the claim.
      • You will be returned a SR# upon successful submission of the claim into the warranty system. Hold on to this number as well as the external claim number you entered in step 2.
      • If you want a print out of the claim before you submit the claim I would advise doing a print function from your browsers file menu or a screen print.
        • We do not have a print output available at this time.
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